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    The Bedford County Archives is the repository for many of the county’s permanent and historically valuable records. The mission of the Bedford County Archives is to receive and accession transfers of permanent and historical county government records and to make them available to the general public and government agencies and to preserve the records for access by future generations.

    The Archives encourages public interest and research in Bedford County’s history.

    In accordance with various provisions of the Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) that require permanent retention of essential records and other records of archival value for public reference, the archives of Bedford County is established by the Bedford County Board of Commissioners and the county archivist clerk has been appointed as director of the archives by Mayor Chad D. Graham.

    In 1998, Timothy and Helen Marsh began organizing Bedford County’s oldest records; bound and loose papers. The Marshes had a passion for history, genealogy and assisting the public with document inquiries. Because of the Marshes interest as well as the need and obligation to preserve Bedford County’s past, the County granted the couple permission to create an archives room. In addition to preserving the county’s governmental, permanent records, Mr. and Mrs. Marsh worked tirelessly as Bedford County historians. The archives room, located in the Bedford County Courthouse, is named in their honor.


    Some records were destroyed when the Courthouse burned in 1863. The following records are located in the Archives:

    Bound Records

  • Chancery Court Records 1830-1900
  • Guardian Settlements 1886-1892
  • Inventory 1863-1969
  • County Court Minute Books 1848-1898
  • Tax Books 1931-1941
  • Administrators Settlement 1861-1910
  • Circuit Court Books 1840-1970

    Loose Records

  • Legitimations & Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Bonds 1853-1995
  • Wills 1847-1981
  • Deaths 1931
  • Births 1930-1939


    Request records by phone or email to Nicole Davis, direct telephone: 931-735-6916, ext. 2690, email: You will receive a response within 24 business hours. At this time, the archives’ staff is unable to provide research, but can recommend local researchers that may assist you for a fee or donation.


    When visiting the Bedford County Archives, please sign in and complete a request form for records.

    The archivist and volunteers will retrieve and return records for you as well as assist you with copies or scans. Some books or loose papers may be unable to be copied or scanned due to their fragile status. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

    During your research, we kindly request that your cell phones be turned to silent and to keep the noise level to a minimum. No food or drink is allowed in the archives room. Please use only pencils, no pens or highlighters allowed. We have a good supply of pencils if you forget to bring one.


    Black and white copies: 15 cents per page (no color copies available at this time) Scan copies: no charge (unless a copy must be made to scan) No flash pictures (mobile phone or digital camera): No charge.

    Last request for records in the morning is 11:15 a.m. and in the afternoon is 3:15 p.m.

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