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The County Clerk has many important functions within the county government. The County Clerk serves as clerk of the county legislative body in most counties, keeping the records of the county legislative body. The minutes of the county legislative body meetings are required to be promptly and fully recorded by the County Clerk and open to public inspection. The County Clerk offers passport processing, collects business taxes, handles motor vehicle registration and licensing (the County Clerk receives fees for these services). Also, the County Clerk issues marriage licenses, collects the state and any county privilege tax on marriage, and may solemnize a marriage. Since notaries public are elected by the county legislative body, the County Clerk keeps a record of the notaries in the county and has duties involving coordination between the Secretary of State and the notary applicant. County Clerks have other miscellaneous licensing duties.

Driver’s License Information

Driver’s License Service Center-Bedford County
1304 Railroad Avenue
Shelbyville, TN
Phone: 931-680-2540
Contact Tennessee Department of Safety

Title & Registration

Fee: $35 (regular auto license and title fee)

Dealer Purchase: Current title or MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin)
Bill of Sale showing purchase price and sales tax collected. Odometer statement filled out on back of current title or MSO.

Individual Purchase: Title signed by seller as on front of title. Odometer section filled in. Sales tax will be collected on the purchase price of vehicle less trade-in, if any: Sales Tax Rate: 7% state tax on the purchase price of vehicle less trade-in plus 2.75% fixed rate state single article sales tax on purchase price from $1600 up to $3200 (maximum amount $44.00) plus 2.75% county tax on first $1600 ($44.00 cap on local sales tax) plus $1.00 Clerk’s fee, Affidavit of low selling price form may be required if purchase price is lower than average value.

Gift Requirements: Title signed by person listed on front of title, Odometer section filled in, Form which must be filled out by both parties giving and receiving.

Moving from Out of State: Current Title, Current Registration if title is held by lien holder.

Lien: Name and address of lien holder.

Beer Permits

Requirements: Outside city limits

Application: Form to be filled out

Fee: $250.00 paid at time application filed (non-refundable) Annual fee $100.00 or prorated portion

Meeting : Called meeting on an as needed basis. The meeting is advertised

Permit: Issued when approved by Beer Board

Business License

New Business:

Location: County Wide (Doctors, lawyers, banks & insurance companies exempt)

Fee: $15.00

Requirements: Approval of Codes Department (City and County) (City Codes Departments-located in City Hall) (County Codes Department-located in Medical Arts Building, Dover Street)

Renewal: Annual renewal Fee based on gross (less sales tax)

Closing of Business: Must file report within 15 days of closing. Businesses handling food or produce contact Health Department for inspections

Notary Public

Fees: New: $49.04 Renewal: $14.00

New: Obtain an application from Clerk’s office. Complete and have two County Commissioners sign the application as recommending applicant. Return to Clerk’s office before the second Tuesday of each month. Application will then be submitted before the County Commission for approval

Renewal: Bedford County renewal will automatically be presented before the Bedford County Commission for approval

Follow-up: Applicant will need to come into Clerk’s office to sign notary book and pay fee

Requirements: $10,000 notary bond or personal sureties

Notification: Applicant will be notified upon Clerks receipt of new stamp and notary commission

Tag Renewals

Renewal Fee: $24.00 (regular auto license plate) Cash or local check payable to County Clerk

Requirements: Renewal notice and/or current Registration

By Mail: Add $2.00 handling fee for mailing.

Mailing Address: County Clerk
104 North Side Square
Shelbyville, TN 37160

To renew your tags online go to:

Transfer Title & Registration

Fee: $14.50

Requirements: Purchased vehicle in same name as current registration. (Can add a spouse–cannot drop a name) Copy of current registration ($3.00 if clerk makes copy). Follow above requirements for title and registration

Please Note: All lease vehicles require a Power of Attorney from lessor, $2.00 lease fee, and must have lessor’s TN sales tax number

Boat Registration

Individual Purchase

Requirements: Notarized bill of sale and boat manufacturing information (existing state boat registration would be helpful). State sales tax is 7% of the purchase price. Local sales tax is 2.75% and is capped at $44.00. For purchases in excess of $1600.00, an additional State Single Article Tax of 2.75% is added up to a maximum of $44.00

This tax procedure is only for boats transferred by individuals.

Dealers coordinate registration, etc. when sale is made by their business

Marriage License

Fee: $45.00 With four hours Pre-Marital Counseling (Counseling Certificate required) $107.50 Without Counseling

Requirements: Eighteen years of age or older. Both parties must be present

Provide driver’s license, Social Security card, No waiting period, License is good for 30 days anywhere in the State of Tennessee

Forms Available at: