Board Members & Commissioners

Agriculture & Education Board

Meets every 2nd Monday at 7:00PM each month at the AG Center

1st District Buster Moore 931-389-6751
2nd District David Moulder 931-703-9509
3rd District Terry Davenport 931-680-8900
4th District Randall Bartley 931-684-6582
5th District Wayne Simons 931-703-8411
6th District Larry Murdock 931-205-9028
7th District George Johnson 931-639-4395
8th District Jeremy Wells 931-684-8571
9th District Robert Cecil Johnson 931-580-3690

Beer Board

Meets on an as needed basis at 5:00PM at the courthouse, 2nd floor courtroom

Troy Thompson – Chairman 931-294-5989
Michael Shoffner 931-389-9657
Brian Riddle 931-695-5190
Robert McAnally 931-684-1674
931-607-6012 cell

Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

Meets every 3rd Thursday at 5:30PM each month at 200 Dover Street, Suite 110

Janice Brothers 931-294-5340
Randall Bartley 931-684-6582
Whit Lee 931-394-2124
Kennon Threet 931-437-2141
Ken Parish 931-857-9132

Building Code of Appeals (BCA)

The BCA does not meet regularly. It meets at the discretion of the Zoning Director on as as-needed basis.

Brent Pewitt 931-684-1887
Mike Vandergriff 931-684-5840
John Davis 931-684-7862
John Payne
Mark Thomas 931-684-1105

County Board of Commissioners

Meets every 2nd Tuesday at 7:00PM each month at the courthouse, circuit courtroom

1st District Don Gallagher
Bobby Fox
2nd District Bob Davis
Tony Smith
3rd District Jimmy Patterson
Janice Brothers
4th District Jimmy Woodson
Billy King, Jr.
5th District Chuck Heflin
Linda Yockey
6th District Bill Anderson
Jeff Yoes
7th District Tony Barrett
Julie Wells Sanders
8th District John Brown
Ed Castleman
9th District Mark Thomas
P.T. Biff Farrar

E-911 Board

Meets every other 3rd Wednesday at 5:30PM at 200 Dover Street, Suite 110 – Call Com Center for schedule.

1st District Phillip Gentry 931-205-1683
2nd District Roger Hawks
3rd District Vacant 931-580-3733
4th District Vacant 931-684-6410
5th District Scott Johnson 931-684-5974
6th District Curt Cobb - Chairman 931-684-1672
7th District Tony Barrett 931-684-6846
8th District Chris White - Vice Chairman 931-685-1336
9th District Mark Thomas 931-684-1105
At Large Vacant 931-684-4403
At Large Vacant

Election Commission

Daniel Robbins – R 931-684-6548
Travis Binion – R 931-389-6928
Karen Thrasher - R
Allen Pitner – D 931-684-5839
David Lemmon – D 931-294-3166

EMS Board

Meet every 2nd Monday at 5:00PM each month at the EMS Operation Center, 119 Frank Martin Road

1st District Vacant 931-000-0000
2nd District Jeff Rasnick 931-389-0054
3rd District Larry Hasty 931-294-5466
4th District Whitney Neeley 931-684-7167
7th District JoAnne Gaunt 931-684-9249

Planning Commission

Meets every 1st Tuesday at 7:00PM each month at 200 Dover Street, Suite 110

Vacant 931-000-0000
Tony Smith 931-437-2287
Jimmy Woodson 931-684-8412
Linda Yockey 931-857-3171
931-389-9389 Work
Kennon Threet 931-437-2141
931-580-2141 Cell
Alan Gill 931-684-8304
931-684-9112 Work
Brent Stacy 931-294-7313
James Anderson
Frank Nichols 931-684-5974
Vacant 931-000-0000
Wayne Simons 931-684-1323
931-684-8411 Work

Road Board

Meets every 2nd Tuesday at 7:00PM each month at the courthouse, 2nd floor courtroom

1st District Albert Crosslin 931-389-9010
2nd District Wayne Carter 931-684-2832
3rd District Brent Stacy 615-519-2050
4th District Robert McAnally 931-684-1676
5th District Frank Bobo 931-684-6243
6th District David Gordon 931-684-8896
7th District Michael Sudberry 931-684-5209
8th District Dianne Clanton 931-703-9042
9th District Ronnie Sudberry 931-684-5912
9th District Charles R. Sudberry 931-684-5912

Senior Citizen Board

Board of Directors, Fiscal Year 2010-2011

1st District Patsy Throneberry – Participant 931-389-6224
2nd District Judi Thompson – Participant 615-713-9651
3rd District Amy Martin 931-294-5078
4th District Pat Finney – Retired Gov. Official 931-684-0262
5th District Todd Bobo – Legal/Business 931-684-4611
6th District JoAnn Holland – City Council 931-684-0594
7th District Eugene Ray – Minority/County Com. 931-684-7944
7th District Jean Pruitt – City Representative 931-684-7026
7th District Ruby Ewing – Minority/Business 931-684-5236
8th District John E. Brown – Minority 931-684-4296
9th District Grace Phillips 931-684-5861

Waste Authority Board

Meets every 2nd Tuesday at 5:00PM each month at the office complex, conference room

Diane Forbes – Secretary 931-684-4651
1st District Venson Hawkins 931-389-6510
2nd District Bob Davis 931-684-4418
3rd District Harry Layne 931-364-7646
4th District Robert McAnally 931-684-1676
5th District William Lewis – Chairman 931-695-5720
6th District David Gordon 931-684-8896
7th District Eugene Ray 931-684-7944
8th District Lee Roy Cunningham 931-684-0214
9th District Jean Harrison 931-685-4861

The Bedford County Solid Waste Authority Board is comprised of nine members, appointed by the Bedford County Executive for a term of 6 years. These appointments are ratified by the full Board of Commission.

Board of Education

Meets every 3rd Thursday at 7:00PM each month at the Board of Education, 2nd floor

1st District Tammy Patterson
2nd District Ron Adcock 931-294-5767
3rd District Amy Martin 931-294-5078
4th District Diane Neeley 931-685-8053
5th District Michael Cook
6th District Andrea Anderson 931-680-0997
7th District Chad Graham 931-684-4899
8th District John Boutwell
9th District Glen Forsee 931-684-3148